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Getting Around Tauranga

Walking, cycling, buses and taxis make it easy and convenient to get around Tauranga. Walking and cycling are very popular transport methods in the region, so if your accommodation close to your institution it will be easy to walk or use your bike to get to your classes. 

Tauranga’s buses

Tauranga’s bus service offers 12 bus routes which cover all areas and connect the city centre with the outer suburbs. Buses go frequently and are a great way to explore the region. Visit for public transport timetables and information.

Students attending any local schools can also use school buses to travel to and from school.

Tauranga Taxis

Taxi services can deliver you door-to-door anywhere in the Tauranga region and there are a wide range of taxi companies that you can choose from. All are reputable and offer a safe service.


The Tauranga region is quite flat making it a great place for cycling. All students must wear a safety helmet while on a bike in New Zealand


New Zealand’s stunning natural scenery makes driving enjoyable, so it’s a great way to explore. If you have a valid overseas driver license or an international driving permit you can drive in New Zealand for up to a year from when you arrive. After that you will have to pass written and practical driving tests to get a New Zealand driver’s license. All cars must be registered and have a current Warrant of Fitness (WOF). If you are buying a car, make sure it has a WOF so you can be certain it is fit and safe to be on the road. It is also strongly recommended you get insurance for your car. ‚Äč